Kills Posted in Last Hour: 18
Corporation details - The Wings of Maak
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Alliance: CEO: Tkotm
Kills: 0 HQ: Gultratren III - Moon 12 - Republic Justice Department Tribunal
Losses: 30 Members: 23
Damage done (ISK): 0B Shares: 210502
Damage received (ISK): 0.37B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 0% Website:
Chan public : minmatar-fr
Lassés de l'immobilisme de la Republic Minmatar, nous combattons l'esclavagisme en nous attaquant au quotidien à l'Empire Amarr au travers d'actions directes sur les alliances et corporations qui s'en proclament les défenseurs mais aussi indirectes sur ceux qui soutiennent ces corporations militairement et logistiquement. Nous n'hésitons pas non plus a tuer les citoyens Amarrs trop dévoués à leur empire... Nous ne sommes pas des pirates mais des combattants de la liberté !
We recruit french speaking people only and only Minmatars, Gallentes and Caldaris.
Bored by the inactivity of the Minmatar Republic, we fight slavery by attacking everyday the Amarr Empire with direct actions on alliances and corporations claiming to defend it. We also strike those who help them and don't hesitate to kill amarrian citizens too devoted to their empire...
We are not pirates, we are freedom fighters !
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
July, 201600.0010.010.00%
May, 201600.0030.020.00%
April, 201600.0020.040.00%
February, 201600.0010.010.00%
January, 201600.0010.010.00%
December, 201500.0020.010.00%
October, 201500.0010.010.00%
September, 201500.0020.010.00%
June, 201500.0010.010.00%
May, 201500.0020.010.00%
March, 201500.0040.100.00%
February, 201500.0010.010.00%
January, 201500.0010.010.00%
December, 201400.0030.030.00%
November, 201400.0050.080.00%


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