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Kills Posted in Last Hour: 326
Corporation details - Pator Tech School
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Alliance: CEO: Eurolring Korneri
Kills: 1381 HQ: Ryddinjorn VI - Moon 2 - Pator Tech School
Losses: 12884 Members: 367225
Damage done (ISK): 441.94B Shares: 100000000
Damage received (ISK): 282.1B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 61.04% Website:
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
October, 201430.09350.6213.17%
September, 201413313.411,17229.5031.24%
August, 2014877.071,31627.9220.21%
July, 201410723.302,17840.6136.46%
June, 20148225.301,18829.1046.51%
May, 201417427.901,44436.8543.09%
April, 2014339156.051,28134.5881.86%
March, 2014206115.491,75032.8577.85%
February, 201425073.332,52050.0859.42%


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