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Alliance details - Fidelas Constans
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Fidelas Constans Kills: 69181 Executor:
Losses: 60956 Members:
Damage done (ISK): 8908.19B Start Date:
Damage received (ISK): 8063.33B Number of Corps:
Efficiency: 52.49%

Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
May, 20161,229199.542,404415.1432.46%
April, 20166,395636.8312,6801,348.2732.08%
March, 20168,3051,281.326,359835.8960.52%
February, 20165,840738.084,240519.2658.70%
January, 20165,361768.325,115719.5951.64%
December, 20156,744849.024,896556.8060.39%
November, 20157,361821.763,529609.9557.40%
October, 20155,669648.913,772439.8859.60%
September, 20154,428487.823,507449.2252.06%
August, 20154,876649.184,093566.0053.42%
July, 20153,756360.032,576445.1944.71%
June, 20154,227551.343,837583.4948.58%
May, 20154,990916.063,948574.6461.45%


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